I'm Engaged . . . Now what ?

1. What are your wedding priorities ?

Do you have any idea what wedding dress you want ? How about your bridesmaids, your groom, your groomsmen? It is important that all the thoughts that are in your head , are written down so that you can physically see what it is that matters to you. Is your dress more important than your reception entertainment? What is your budget ?

You have to find out what is most important to you and your future other half and go from there.

2. Create a wedding binder.

Etsy currently offers over 1,300 wedding binder templates you can purchase and print out at home. You can also use wedding planning software, and apps to organize everything. Lucky for you we do have a wedding checklist that goes from day of engagement and all the way to the day of the event.

3. Choose your color theme and style.

Picking wedding colors is more than just what your favorite colors are and/or what you think looks good on you. Sometimes it is good to factor in the colors of your venue and what will look flattering on your wedding party. We know it’s your day and it’s all about you but how they look all in all will matter.

4. Determine your budget.

We know for some idea of the Budget is cringe-worthy and for some it is exciting. No matter which kind of person you are, your budget matters. It has been shown that most newlyweds say they underestimated their wedding budget by an average of 45%, so make sure you leave some wiggle room or get in a positive mindset about compromise. The wedding checklist as well as your binder can be very helpful in regards to making those decisions. What are your wedding must-haves, and what you don't really need but want really bad? We also have some very good tips and videos that we will direct you to in regards to doing some DIY projects that will help you to cut costs!

5. Assemble your team.

According to the WeddingWire, the average couple spends $1,000 – $3,500 on a wedding planner for their big day. But if you’re on a budget, friends and family work too! Right now is a good time to assemble a team that you trust with your vision, your money and your very special day! We really want to be a part of your “Best Day Ever!”, but if you do choose to go the Family/Friends route, you want to be sure you trust them wholly with one of the most memorable days of your life !

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