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So listen here! I am on day 8 of this new decade and year 2020 , and on day 15 of being a full-time Entrepreneur, (even though I have technically been operating in this business for the past three years. )Nevertheless, November 2019 is when I registered my business and so now I'm “Official-Ficial. “ And yes,  Soooooo  many people have been commending me and telling me how proud they are of me for taking this "Leap of Faith” and resigning from 15+ years of Corporate America  loyalty. Im so grateful how inspired they are and then I'm like, yeah....Send Help (lol, but nah seriously). 

What was I thinking? And how do people do this? Sitting at home all day from the time they wake up until the time the sun goes down, and not go crazy....? That’s goal #1

I have found myself sitting looking at a computer for 8 hours straight before realizing that all I had for the day was a cup of coffee, and two sips of water. It's crazy what can we do or “mis-do” when left to our own devices. When I was working in the corporate world I at least knew I had to eat lunch to make it through the day without biting someones head off. My daily fix of at least two cups of coffee kept me at bay, but then I'd come home starved. Now, it's like my body is on reserve and forgets to trigger me, like "hey girl we hungry.” My stomach doesn't even start to grumble until around 4pm. I have to admit that I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed lately with what goes on at home throughout the day. Previously I was luxuriously unaware  of how many hectic sightings I missed due to being at work. However currently, my work station is at the kitchen table in my dining room, and I have found it SO hard to actually get work done without being interrupted every few minutes.

But I've had to remember something important I was told while participating in this 90-Day Entrepreneur Program last year. It was about making a daily schedule each night to outline my following day. I had to create something tangible that could be seen and adhered to. So instead of waking up and doing whatever crosses my mind, I have built a practice of writing down things like: 

1). What needs to be done today

2). What I'd like done today

3). What can wait for tomorrow

I then have to organize things in order of importance. I also downloaded an app to remind me to drink water. I set alarms to remind me not only to eat but when to take breaks and walk away to take a breather. 

This morning/ afternoon I woke up and asked my husband to bring my notebook and laptop up to the bedroom, so I could work in the comfort of my own bed for the first two hours of my day, simply because I’ve noticed that I can’t work amidst the chaos of my household if I don't properly prepare for my day. To be Perfectly Honest...I am simply not anyone’s favorite Morning Person. After grunting and adjusting past my fog, I drank my coffee outside on the porch while I conferenced called with my personal consultant (a.k.a my cousin) for my daily dose of positive affirmations, constructive criticism, and things to improve on while moving forward.

What I DO treasure about my morning routine is that I've grown to know  it’s absolutely essential that I spend time with God each morning. Way beyond my routine  "Thank you for waking me up this Morning," I also have to tell Him what's on my mind and how I'm feeling. Previously without divine acknowledgement, I realized was leaning on my own understanding, floundering in my own strength and journeying through my day on my own will. This is a NO GO, and makes no sense at all. Now I know better, and my days go better when I start them off with Jesus we decide TOGETHER what my/(our) plans are for the day

I am realizing during this journey that there are things that I can put into play to set my self up for success, for the day. So today on Day 8 of 2020 and Day 15 of Entrepreneur-ing, I am feeling pretty accomplished. It is 4pm and although I have only drank one cup of coffee, a gulp of water and ate a peanut butter jelly sandwich....I am at peace. I am no superwoman but I serve an awesome God, who is mindful of me and faithful. When I expressed my anxiety and fears, I felt a "Be Still" in my spirit. I can't do it all but I can do my best and leave the rest for another day.

Be at Peace my Loves

Happy Wednesday and Much Agape,

Anastacia Anisa

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