Throwing a Drive-By Birthday Parade

We made it Woo Hoo! I'm just going to say what we are all thinking, THANK GOD! Not just because 20

20 is over but that we made it through 2020 with all its challenges. Do you know what we learned? You can do all the things you do outside, at home!

The theme for last year became "Let's Stay Home," and you know what? Home is not that bad at all. Even with everything going on you know what else went on, LIFE. There were birthdays, anniversaries, virtual learning, and the like. We learned that all those things we didn't think we were capable of, we could do! I don't have to do all the things but I totally can, and I did. One of those things is making special occasions fun at home. Yes, it is how I make my living but YOU can do it too! Want to know how? I got you!

Let's talk about throwing those birthday parties at home using what you have on hand to live your very best life! What did become extremely popular in 2020 was drive-thru birthday parties and they are still totally a thing. When my daughter's 13th birthday was coming upon us, I was worried that she wouldn't get the 'Grand Hoorah' that is warranted when one enters teenage-hood. Knowing we wanted her to still feel special, but also do what would make everyone feel comfortable and safe, we decided on a Drive-By Birthday Parade Party.

What does a drive-by Celebration Entail ? Let me tell you !

1. Make Your Invite

Our first step was to make Save-the-Date to let everyone know our plan to celebrate our baby girl, to be sure they set the date aside. We made it with my absolute favorite app Canva and then made an Event in Facebook and invited all of our friends and family.

2. Decide on your theme

Our baby girl is an avid Unicorn, Rainbow lovin' Girlie Girlie so our theme was exactly that. When in doubt, Pinterest is always the answer because it has a plethora of really awesome ideas that you are able to actually come to life.

The Day of ...

3. Get to decorating

Because of the off-and-on Quarantine, we had a very small slumber party with two of her closest friends, so the decorating began inside. Balloons covered the floor and we decorated the living room wall and the coffee table and set up a small breakfast/brunch for them.

Happy Birthday Balloons

Number Balloons

Unicorn Balloons

Unicorn Favor Boxes

Martinelli Sparkling Cider

Pink Table Cloth

Gold Runner

4. Move the Party Outside

We set up a sign at the corner of the street signified with balloons so that folks knew were to begin the parade and my husband met guests around the corner to direct them. We set a table outside and did a backdrop with sheer curtains and a balloon arch.

I bought a large bag of an assortment of candy (the usual kinds you stuff in a piñata) put them in cellophane bags and tied them with ribbons to give to our guests. We cut the cake and placed it in to-go boxes for guests to take with them!

5. Take Pictures and Videos

You're going to want to remember this time so be sure to take plenty of pictures !

We allowed guests to stay in their car and took pictures through car windows and doors. But we were also elated with the guests who jumped out of the car and took pictures with the birthday girl ! We had a camera phone propped up with our mainland family on a Facebook Live Group Feed which was awesome, and made us feel as though they were with us there!

It was probably the easiest party I've ever done for the simple fact that I didn't have to clean my house for guests and I spent less than $100 on the entire thing!

I'm most thankful for how 2020 allowed me to be so creative and spend more time with my family. Our parade was a success because of the awesome friends, family, and loved ones who drove by. But also because of our awesome neighbors who even came by with leis, handmade items, and sweets.

I hope this helps with your very own home drive by party parade! And stay tuned for some more DIY Blogs!

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