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  • How do I customize my own gift?
    If you go to our 'Design-Your-Own' section on our site, you are able to customize your gift box from start-to-finish. And if you are unable to generate your own gift you can message us directly at
  • How do I hire an Event Coordinator for my Event?
    Set up a consultation through our services tab so that we can pinpoint what it is you need, adn how we can help you execute the event of your dreams.
  • What services does Agape Designs Hawaii offer?
    We Offer: 1. Event Coordination 2. Custom Gift Curation 3. Event Favors 4. Bridal Proposal Gifts 5. Hotel Special Occasion Decor
  • What's the best way to get in contact with us?
    The best way to get in contact with us is through our email at
  • Why hire an Event Coordinator?
    • To help make the most of your Budget • Because planning your event is only a fraction of your overall workload • Because you're unsure of where to start • Because you started a little late • To help manage the underestimated logistics of your event • To save yourself the stress and heartache of planning it.
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